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Our range of Ayurvedic products are completely free of BPA, Phthalates, Synthetic Chemicals, Sulphate, Parabens and more. All products are made keeping in mind sensitive skincare conditions and will not irritate or increase any rash, or

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Ayurvedic products use natural herbal remedies and are becoming increasingly popular due to their holistic approach to health and wellness. These products include herbal teas, supplements, skincare, hair care, and aromatherapy oils. They are made with herbs like neem, turmeric, ashwagandha, and amla, known for their therapeutic benefits.

Top Reviews

I was initially skeptical after trying a couple of so-called ayurvedic products as the results were not as expected but came across Samskrithi Naturals products through one of my friends and thanks to him I am getting results beyond my expectations. The Hair oil in particular gave me amazing results and stopped hair loss within the first week of usage. Highly recommend all of their products.
Padmaja Yellayi
Lawyer at Cognizant Technologies, Hyd
Natural herbal ayurvedic products by Samskrithi Naturals have been found to be exceptionally beneficial. all the products I have used/recommended proved to be helpful in the skin and hair-related issues, and they are free from any harmful chemicals. HIghly recommend these products as they are purely herbal and have given positive results to many patients.
Dr. Syed Shams Baber
TIMES Clinic, Banjara Hills
Samskrithi Naturals is a 100% handmade Organic Skincare brand helping customers find relief from hair, skin, and body conditions. With many success stories and positive reviews, this range of chemical-free, herbal products are sure to leave you satisfied and it is also helping my patients.
Dr. Syeda Huma Meher
CORAL Skin & Dental Centre
I found both Dry Skin Soap and Goat Milk Soap to be significantly helpful in keeping my psoriasis problem under control. During this period, skin irritation dropped by over 80%. Psoriasis has no cure as of now, and the goat milk soap has been of significant help in that context. I have no hesitation in recommending the sodium and paraben-free handmade soaps for anyone keen on reliable relief from skin irritation without fear of any side effects.
Venkat Ramaswamy
I have been using Samskrithi Naturals products for the past few months and I am extremely happy and pleasantly surprised by the results. We recommend all their products for daily use as I believe they also act as anti-aging compounds keeping the skin glowing.
Mohammed Asad Khan
Just in two days, I started experiencing amazing results after using the Dry Skin Soap, and all the cracked and rough skin surfaces were gone. I am now recommending this soap and revitalizer hair oil as well as some of the other products from Samskrithi Naturals.


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